Sunday, August 29, 2010

WIP (Week in Pictures): 8/29/10

I designated this as our "catch up week."  We pushed ahead with most of our subjects, but I didn't plan a unit for history or science.  Instead, we used the time to finish up some projects we haven't gotten to yet.  Even though we still completed all of our core subjects as usual, it still felt like a very relaxed, easy week.  Probably because mama didn't have to do much planning.  We will definitely be doing that more often.  

The down side is I don't have a whole lot to show you today.  I'm working on my links to summarize our prehistory unit and we're almost finished those caves.  Other than that, I got nothing except pictures of some very happy faces from our Friday homeschool skating sessions!

Ella managed to catch on pretty quickly despite inheriting my coordination

Poor kid, the smallest size (an 8) is still two sizes too big for my little peanut.  But even that can't slow her down.  We put some really thick slipper socks on and she is already taking off into the middle of the rink to skate with the big kids.  I'll remember to bring my camera next time and get some better pictures of them.  

$30 + 7 Friday afternoons = 2 VERY happy little girls

Best value ever.

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