Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prehistory Activity: Make a Cave

The cave is here!  The cave is here!

Finally, the little one gave us a break one evening to get the paintings finished.  The girls had a lot of fun with this, and it's a nice change from the "big box house" activity.  Once it's done, the kids can spend time in there telling stories around the "fire" (a big flashlight, of course) or taking shelter from storms.  Here are the easy peasy directions:

First, find a big box.
(I can't help you with this one.  
When you find one, don't let it go.)

Next, cut a bunch of paper lunch bags open along one side and the bottom.  You need about a pack and a half of them ($1 a pack at The Dollar Tree) to cover the inside and the outside.  

Crumple each bag good and tight, then open them up again.

Find a little person to crawl inside and tape them up.  They might need a little help getting them started and learning how to overlap and conserve tape by taping pieces together, but they catch on pretty quickly, leaving you with plenty of time to do something else.  :)

It will look something like this when you're done.  Except without the big round hole in the back.  Because caves don't have windows.  This one used to be a house, and we didn't cover the window yet.

Find that little person again and give them some paint and a brush to paint some stories in the "firelight."


Enjoy your cave.
We are!


  1. I LOVE this!!! Great stuff!!

  2. Thanks, Lissadell! We had a great time making it.

  3. This is so cool! Thanks for the great idea.

  4. Amy, let me know if you make one. I'd love to see it. :)

  5. LOL at the "when you find [a big box], don't let it go"! My husband thinks I'm a crazy hoarder lady when I tell him to save cardboard boxes! I actually gave a bunch of them up recently when we were cleaning up the guest room/craft supply storage room for visitors :(

  6. Unfortunately, we had to purge, too. BUT my kids recently took over a box and it became a time machine, submarine, and garden shed in the same day.
    We need a crazy box hoarder lady support group! :)

  7. Or you could not have the bottom of the cave and work on the cave by yourself. That's more of an option for me...I work at a library. Asking children to climb into a box and do some work for me would frighten parents. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This looks fun. Our boxes are usually space ships, but I think my kids would be keen on exploring more earthly activities with this.

    I just found your blog and am enjoying it. Thank you.


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