Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yearly Block Planning Form

It's that time of year again, right?  We're finishing up one year and already thinking about the next.  Some of you busy bees might already be done planning for next year.  This year, we didn't take a big  break in the spring, and since I made a conscious decision to stay present in April and May as we finished this year, I'm just getting to my goals for next year.

Last year I wrote a pretty extensive post on how I plan for the year ahead, so I'm not going to rewrite that.  I still use Donna Young's ruled calendar for a quick look at the year and to see when we want to take breaks, and I still  use our big pink crate to file seasonal and monthly items.  But this year I wanted to create something I could reuse yearly for block planning, so, I whipped up a little something on Google Docs.  Hopefully I can save someone else some planning time.  I figured it will at least save me a little time in the years ahead.

There are two versions of the same form.  The first version (.odt) can be saved in google documents or downloaded and edited just like any office file.  You can then add in your own notes for things you'd like to study next year, and you won't have to rewrite seasonal items over again each year.    The second is a .pdf version that you can save and/or print to write on by hand.

Yearly Block Planner .odt (save and edit)

Yearly Block Planner .pdf (save and print)

Basically, I just made you a table.  You can make one yourself.  You can get fancy with it too, if you're into that.  I just figured that since I made it, I might as well share it.

Here's an example of what our year might look like . . .

. . . keep in mind, it's just an outline . . . nothing is set in stone . . . ever.

How's your planning coming along?  Do you write out a rough yearly plan for your homeschooling?

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