Welcome to Raising Cajuns!  I'm Michelle, a freelance writer, former English teacher, and homeschooling mother of two girls living in The Heart of Cajun Country.

We started homeschooling in 2010 after deciding that public school wasn't a good fit for our oldest.  At the same time, I started this website (originally called Lagniappe Academy) to chronicle our first year as homeschoolers.  Now I continue sharing our struggles and triumphs to show that while life here might not always be pretty, homeschooling has changed our family identity in ways we never imagined.  No matter how our education plans for each child may change over the years, we will always embrace an interest-led, project-based lifestyle.

Here are a few random facts about me:
  • I'm an introvert.  Not just a little bit.  Bone deep.  Finding enough quiet is a challenge in this house.
  • I'm also an Aries.  A firstborn, choleric, Aries.  Yes, that makes me as stubborn and fiery as that sounds.
  • I adjust our rhythms with each new season: spring, summer, football, and gumbo.
  • I'm on a personal journey to discover and meet my needs and set clear boundaries.
  • I'm easily distracted.  SQUIRREL!
  • I'm not afraid of heavy lifting.  Physical or metaphorical.  I do, however, reserve my right to whine a little.
  • I like to change things up and try new things.
  • I don't read prologues or follow directions.
  • I could live on sour candy, popcorn with coconut oil, fudge brownies, and chips & salsa.
  • We're animal lovers.  We currently have two rescue dogs, a cat, and several fish.  You can also find us on any given day examining insects or lizards in at least one critter cage.

My oldest, Ella, has decided she doesn't want to share much on here anymore, so I'm respecting that by only sharing new photos of her and her work with her permission.  She's the project queen around here, always deeply involved in one interest or another.  She's also our science and nature guru.  

My youngest, Harper, has no problem with showing off.  As you can see.  She's our little firecracker, and my current challenge is getting her to dive deeper into her projects.  It's my problem, not hers.  Working on it.  She enjoys climbing door frames, tae kwon do, dancing in the living room, and reading Fancy Nancy books.  With her in the house, I make sure we're always stocked with bandages and arnica.

Thanks for hanging out with us!

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